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with AR. Your surroundings transform into interactive, educational and entertaining universe all from the comfort of your living room!

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to discovering why millions are focused on an why you should too. AR turns ordinary moments into Extraordinary Adventures.

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At Blendlens, we bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, offering an unparalleled journey through the most advanced realms of technology. Our platform is a hub for enthusiasts, developers, and businesses alike, providing the latest in VR, AR, MR, and XR. Whether you're looking to transform your business, elevate your gaming experience, or explore new educational tools, you've come to the right place.

VR - Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself completely in another world with our VR experiences. Whether it's for gaming, virtual tours, or training simulations, our VR technology offers a fully immersive experience that transports you to another place, allowing you to explore, learn, and play in ways you never thought possible.

AR - Augmented Reality

Augment your world with our cutting-edge AR applications. From interactive marketing campaigns to hands-on educational tools, our AR solutions overlay digital information onto the physical world, enhancing your perception and interaction with your surroundings.

MR - Mixed Reality

Merge the real and the virtual with our MR applications. Mixed Reality brings together the best of both AR and VR, creating environments where physical and digital objects coexist and interact in real time. Perfect for collaborative projects, MR is paving the way for the future of work, education, and entertainment.

XR - Extended Reality

Experience the full spectrum of reality with our XR solutions. XR is the umbrella term that encompasses VR, AR, and MR, representing the full range of experiences that combine the real with the digital. Our XR initiatives are designed to push the boundaries of what's possible, offering new ways to interact with technology and each other.

Our Projects

Welcome to the core of our innovation — the products that give Blendlens new dimensions. Our suite of XR products is designed to cater to a diverse range of needs and industries, including education, entertainment, healthcare, and enterprise solutions. Dive into our world and discover how our products are setting new standards in immersive technology.


Liview is a revolutionary augmented reality (AR) application designed to sharing of 3D models and AR experiences. As a comprehensive platform for AR content, Liview allows users to explore, upload, and share intricate 3D models across a global community. Whether you're an artist, educator, or enthusiast, Liview transforms your surroundings into a canvas for immersive storytelling and interactive learning. Dive into a world where your creativity knows no bounds - Welcome to Liview, where every user contributes to the landscape of augmented reality.

Blendlens E-commerce

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Blendlens E-commerce transforms online shopping into an immersive, interactive experience by enabling customers to visualize real products in their own space through augmented reality. This innovative solution allows e-commerce businesses to offer an AR feature directly on their websites, where users can display, try out, and explore products in the comfort of their homes. By providing a more tangible shopping experience, Blendlens E-commerce helps customers make informed decisions, increasing satisfaction and reducing return rates. Whether it's furniture, fashion, or decor, Blendlens E-commerce brings products to life, offering a new dimension to online shopping and empowering consumers to shop with confidence and ease.

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Slap It

Dive into Slap It, a delightful and energetic mixed reality (MR) game that brings a splash of fun to your everyday surroundings. Utilizing advanced MR technology, Slap It renders vibrant, lifelike fruit onto any horizontal surface in your environment, whether it's a table, floor, or countertop. Players engage by physically moving around the space, using their hands to interact with and slap the virtual fruits, slicing or squashing them in a satisfying burst of colors and effects. This immersive game not only provides a fun and engaging way to interact with digital elements as if they were part of the real world but also offers a unique form of physical activity as players move around to catch and slap the fruits. Get ready to turn your space into a virtual orchard with Slap It, where the fun never ends!

Turnkey Projects

Do you need a turnkey AR project or just looking for inspiration? Don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with your project and together we will take it to a new level.

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